Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Complaining Parents

I don't know if it's spring fever (not that it's ever really winter in Florida) or what is going on but all I have heard from people lately are complaints about their kids. It makes me so upset!!! Do you know how lucky you are to have a child or children to complain about???? Do you know how I lay awake at night longing to be woken up by the sound of a crying baby?? Do you know how much it would make me smile to see crayon all over my perfect walls?? Do you know how bad I want to Windex off little finger prints from my windows?? So why all you parents out there complain about each crazy thing your child does..... Remember me the one that aches to have those tasks that you all get to do each and every day. Remember how lucky you are to have a child to hold in your arms. Remember when your child acts up and is complaining about what to wear, what to eat, and when they have to go to bed that I would trade you places in a heart beat.

Know that your children are blessings from God and that you are the blessed ones to have them in your life. Because I know you wouldn't want to trade all those little annoyances for my empty arms. So enjoy each day. Enjoy each mess. Enjoy those beautiful children that I so desperately want.

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  1. I agree! When Chase woke up again at 3am, I pulled him out of the crib to rock him. He snuggled up against me and I felt his weight on me and all I could think was how much I loved him and loved snuggling with him, even in the middle of the night for the 14th night in a row. Because this cold/age won't last forever, and there will be a point that he won't want to cuddle, so I have to get in as much as I can now. Even though it's hard and I am exhausted. I realize that it's all worth it and I would never trade a second of it. I promise I am enjoying it all!